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LightOn Holistic Therapy incorporates healing modalities on physical, mental and subtle levels for a truly universal assessment and engagement of the individual.  40 years of scholarly inquiry into eastern philosophy, yoga and meditative practice deeply inform a broad-based mental therapy practice of 28 years.  The mental growth and healing inherent in therapeutic yoga balance its curative physical modalities.  These pair well with functional nutrition and eclectic mental therapies for treating bodily dysfunction and mental imbalance at the level of cause for emotional discomfort and addiction.  In the subtle realm, energy therapies  and craniosacral work further facilitate truly comprehensive treatment.  

"who looks without dreams

who looks within awakens"  

                                         ...Carl Jung

"It is the eternal tree of creation

Reaching with its roots up into the sky
And with its branches down to earth.
Its roots remain resplendent and immortal
And in its branches the worlds come to rest."  

                                         ...from the Katha Upanishad

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