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Energy Healing


  • These two energy therapies work very synergistically. Both are techniques whereby the practitioner ‘channels’ the life-force energy through his/her hands into the body mind and spirit of the client.

  • Practioners also learn to sense imbalances in the auric field and chakras, becoming more intuitive and sensitive to the needs of the mind/body in total: emotionally, physically and spiritually.

  • Reiki is a mystical initiation into an ancient healing practice using sanskrit symbols that have been passed down from master to student for more than a hundred years. These symbols and energetic initiation enhance the ability to draw upon and move healing energy.

  • Healing Touch was started by a nurse in 1989 because of her belief that medicine was losing its ‘heart.’ It utilizes work from several intuitive healers. Healing Touch Therapy seeks to clear, balance, energize and support the human energy system though moving life-force similarly to Reiki.

  • Together they create a formidable energy therapy. Both Reiki and Healing Touch are now used widely in hospitals and clinics, as studies and outcomes clearly demonstrate faster healing and less distress in clients who receive this beneficial therapy. To read about these outcomes please see the websites in ‘Links.’

  • Most people experience deep relaxation, and calm, often having deep insights and pain relief, both physical and emotional. Many believe that stress is the base of much illness – stress is not just emotional: cells, systems and organs can be stressed by imbalance that can be cleared with energy work …rendering clients healthier, happier and more peaceful.

In January, 2010, Dr. Oz stated:

"This is what I think may be ultimately the most important alternative medicine treatment of all.  We are embarking on the whole new vista of opportunities. It broadens dramatically the spectrum of where we might be able to go in our bodies and this is the area of energy medicine, Reiki."


$90 private session fee
Possible sliding scale for financial hardship


Require a 24 hours notice of cancellations, otherwise an invoice will be generated for the cost of the session ($80.) A 2nd no show will not be rescheduled. Require payment or co-pay at time of session. Possible sliding scale for private clients if warranted by financial hardship.

"My healing touch sessions exceeding all expectations. They were wonderful! I honestly didn't know what to expect with my first appointment but I went in with an open mind and heart. The experience of the sessions themselves were completely relaxing and soothing. ..." .... see more testimonials

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