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Yoga & Meditation

Having had initiation and training in the mystical philosophy and practice of Tibetan Buddhism, Sufism, Taoism and Siddha Yoga, my workshops involve the healing aspects of yoga combined with nutrition and yogic psychology for expanded healing of emotion, addiction and disease.


All classes have a therapeutic intention, as the focus is ever internal awareness of the therapeutic uses of yoga: physical, emotional, energetic and the expansion of heightened awareness.  

Yoga seeks balance on every level, so all Introspect, classes pursue balance: mind to body, strength to flexibility, cold to hot, front to back, side to side, agonist to antagonist muscle groups, organ systems to one another, movement to meditation, Self to Unity.

Yoga further offers energy medicine through a number of its mechanisms; in this way the meridians (nadis)  are opened and cleansed.

All therapeutic yoga classes end with yoga nidra and guided meditation. I also offer beginning and advanced meditation classes in series and event formats.


I offer private yoga sessions for physical, spiritual and emotional issues; I have worked with systemic and local nervous system dysfunctions, cancer, misalignment, cerebral, liver, and reproductive organ problems and joint issues in over 300 private yoga session since 2002, often combined with nutritional and mental counseling or massage therapy.

It is a fine gift to the Self we give when we embrace our capacity for expansion. It’s ours. We already own it.


Individual yoga therapy sessions are designed to treat various discomforts or dysfunction based on misalignments, faulty movement patterns or chronic tightness.  I design and write up for you to take home a practice to meet your specific needs and bring positive and lasting change to your physique through mindfulness, realignments and strength and flexibility exercises. Individual sessions are available for mental or spiritual realignments as well.


$80 per hour for private therapeutic yoga sessions

$10 for group class (no pre-registration required) - see class schedule


​To purchase meditations, I offer beginner/advanced guided meditations set to music by local musicians.  

Please see store to purchase downloads or hard-copy CDs

To schedule a private session, email Katie

If this is your first time scheduling a private session, please print out the form below & bring it to your first session


Require a 24 hours notice of cancellations, otherwise an invoice will be generated for the cost of the session ($80.) A 2nd no show will not be rescheduled. Require payment or co-pay at time of session. Possible sliding scale for private clients if warranted by financial hardship.

“Katie’s private yoga sessions and classes got me through two knee replacements and a hip replacement. Thanks to her, I have more mobility and less pain than I have for the past ten years. She is an awesome, and a truly spiritual, teacher!”  .... see more testimonials

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