LightOn Classes & Workshops

All classes & workshops take place at the Phoenixville location

498 Nutt Road, Suite B (2nd Floor above Pat’s Pizza) Phoenixville

Call Katie at 484-995-9262 or email to sign up for workshops

Weekly Introspect Yoga Classes - no prior registration needed  2021

  • Sundays    9:30 a.m. - 10:45 a.m.  - All levels
  • Wednesdays  9:30 a.m. - 10:45 a.m.  - All levels
  • Fridays   12 to 1PM lunchtime class -- all levels
  • Introspect Yoga acknowledges heightening awareness as the core intention of yoga, so enhancing awareness of breath, of balance: of body alignment for health and joint reserve, and of mind and unity, are integral to this form of yoga – a mixture of classic hatha intention, musculoskeletal re-education, balancing strength with flexibility and warming with cooling for a truly therapeutic experience. This form culminates in yoga nidra and meditation to increase awareness of mind, subtle body, creativity and studied calm. Please join us!
Mindful Yoga Weekly Class with Dianne Harris
By now many know about Dianne’s Release and Stretch protocols using balls and rollers. Class will begin with these releases, then move on to classic yoga poses delivered in a therapeutic milieu. The class will then end with deeply held and supported restorative poses. It is a lush and relaxing movement toward body/mind health and balance.

Sunday Night 9/19 Equinox Meditation, 7PM to 8PM

As my counseling schedule is extremely full, I cannot do this on Tuesday night the 21st, international peace day, 2021.
So, this equinox we will be gathering for a celebration of balance and world wide cooperation, tolerance and peace
on the Sunday night before the actual equinox
See you for an hour of light-filled immersion into love and balance
Donations this year will benefit Children's Health Defense
Light Workers Practice Sessions --September 17 and November 12, 2021
Friday nights 5:30 to 7:30
A chance for Energy Workers -- Reiki, Healing Touch, CranioSacral Work and other energy healing modalities -- all welcome for open practice and inspiration.       It helps us to share as a community, for when we support each other, we cooperate to assist the community also with our radiant intention. We will begin with meditation, then move into 50 minute sessions working on each other.
   Please let me know you are coming so I plan enough tables!
LightOn joins Vandana Shiva and Navdanya International for Food Freedom Weeks                                                                      These begin October 2, International Non-Violence Day and culminate World Food Freedom Day, October 16       Donations benefit Navdanya International
In celebration, LightOn offers three FREE workshops and lectures:
Sunday Oct 3@5PM How to Lessen Exposure to EMFs and screening for the award-winning film Generation Zapped
Saturday Oct 9@10AM Arthritis is Treatable, Preventable and Curable
Thursday Oct 14@ 6PM Trends in Internal Detoxification
All workshops offered by Katie Tandon, Board Certified Functional Nutritionist  Please Register so i have enough handouts.
LightOn Community Spiritual Group Returns!!                     Dedicated to Tolerance and a Loving Collective Consciousness                              Friday Nights, 5:30PM to ??    October 15 and December 10                                                          

Here we seek to shelter the community heart by focus on the light of our connectedness, especially in light of social and culutural divisions so prominent in the last two years.  Group encourages sharing of prayers, meditations, poems, readings, dances or any other spiritual practices in celebration of spiritual pluralism. Often over last summer, we would dance to bring the energy back to earth. then end with pot luck to connect through sharing and conversation. OPEN TO ALL!!

Create Peace by Being Peace  Meditation and Transformational Program        Donations will benefit Oxfam                        Fall Sundays, 11 to 12:30 -- 11/7, 11/14, 11/21, 11/28, 12/5                                       
Based on the work of Gabriel Cousens, MD, Naturopath, Ayurvedic Doctor, Psychiatrist, Family Therapist, Spiritual Teacher, Social Activist and Enlightened Being, Creating Peace By Being Peace -- The Essene Seven-Fold Path.
in the tradition of spiritual tolerance, Cousens makes the assertion that all spiritual paths and religions descend from common roots in the mystical practices. We will plomb those mystical roots and do tribute to a number of eastern mystical traditions in our meditations. We will review parts of the book, so feel free to read and add to the exploration, or don't and show up for the wisdom and meditations -- your choice.
Peace in our environments requires first that we bring our individual minds and hearts to peace -- this is the message of the Essene Path.

Winter Solstice Meditation--A Celebration of Light on the Longest Night            

  • Tuesday Night, December 21, 7PM to 8PM

Join concerned and compassionate  citizens the world over in bringing the light of peace into the world. Peace the 21st was started 

by researchers into the "Maharishi Effect" in which meditators have been shown to mitigate violence in scientific studies. Worldwide, people gather to meditate at 7PM on the Solstices and Equinoxes in order to create this energetic effect for world peace. Come out and join this planetary event. We will meditate collectively on love, light and healing the world toward peace and tolerance for all inhabitants.

Winter/Spring programs to be announced for 2022

    Meditation Classes                                                                                 

  • TBA 2022

 New Yoga Therapy Classes for Teachers and Advanced Students

  • stay tuned!!

$10 per class

$10 class