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All classes & workshops take place at the Phoenixville location

498 Nutt Road, Suite B (2nd Floor above Pat’s Pizza) Phoenixville

Call Katie at 484-995-9262 or email to sign up for workshops

Weekly Introspect Yoga Classes - no prior registration needed

  • Sundays    9:00 a.m. - 10:15 a.m.  - All levels
  • Tuesdays  9:00 a.m. - 10:15 a.m.  - All levels
  • Introspect Yoga acknowledges heightening awareness as the core intention of yoga, so enhancing awareness of breath, of balance: of body alignment for health and joint reserve, and of mind and unity, are integral to this form of yoga – a mixture of classic hatha intention, musculoskeletal re-education, balancing strength with flexibility and warming with cooling for a truly therapeutic experience. This form culminates in yoga nidra and meditation to increase awareness of mind, subtle body, creativity and studied calm. Please join us!
Mindful Yoga Weekly Class with Dianne Harris
  • Wednesdays 1:00p.m. - 2:30p.m. - all levels
By now many know about Dianne’s Release and Stretch protocols using balls and rollers. Class will begin with these releases, then move on to classic yoga poses delivered in a therapeutic milieu. The class will then end with deeply held and supported restorative poses. It is a lush and relaxing movement toward body/mind health and balance.

Managing Stress with Flower Essences w Charlene Briggs, Saturday October 19, 2-4 PM

Come out for  an informative and immersive workshop on how flower essences can promote peace and lessen daily tension, anxiety and even panic. Learn the ins and outs of how flower essences are made, how they work, how to use them as part of your healthcare protocol and their efficacy as herbal medicine. A detaioled description of each of the Bach essences will be given along with indications for the use of each one, healing properties and the transformations in health conditions that can be expected with use, and how these impact the mind and body in stress.
3 (2 hour) Release and Stretch Classes with Dianne Harris -- series covers Whole Body
November 2, November 9, November 16, 3-5PM
Muscles tighten in response to our movement patterns, habits and emotions.These 3 (2 hour) sessions will teach attendees how to release the whole body, a part at a time, using various balls, rollers and yoga stretches. A guided relaxation ends each session. Releasing muscles helps us access our full strength and increase our range of motion while also removing stress from the muscles, ligaments and bones. These empowering sessions bring a feeling of well being, ease and calm to the body and mind.
The Myth of Unworthiness -- A Day Retreat                                                                           $ 60
Saturday December 7, 11 to 4 PM
This is the great myth of our time. In the 'facebook' era of ego and competitiveness, where fear of missing out rules the day, and too many people worry about what others think of them, we must return to an attitude of simplicity, serenity and sincerity. When we embrace the love that is the root of us, and our own uniqueness, we can recall the beauty of imperfection that is our collective state. together we will step away from the 'trance' of the critical view and embrace the eastern philosophies of self acceptance and loving kindness as well as Marshall Rosenberg's non-violent communication, meditating on these themes, and learning to be in the body without judgement with gently yoga and tai chi practices.

Solstice Meditation​ Saturday December 21, 4 to 5pm                       Donations will be accepted for Seva Foundation                                                                                                

Join concerned and compassionate  citizens the world over in bringing the light of peace into the world. Peace the 21st was started 

by researchers into the "Maharishi Effect" in which meditators have been shown to mitigate violence in scientific studies. Worldwide, people gather to meditate at 7PM on the Solstices and Equinoxes in order to create this energetic effect for world peace. Come out and join this planetary event. We will meditate collectively on love, light and healing the world toward peace and tolerance for all inhabitants. 

Exploring HeartMath Meditation Series: 4 Sundays in January 2020              Donations will be accepted for OXFAM                                                                 
  • 1/5/20, 1/12/20, 1/19/20, 1/26/20

Did you know that​ the field of the heart and the field of the planet as captured from space are identical? Did you know that HeartMath studies show increasing the heart field coherence leads to improved health, calm and happiness? did you know that studies on the heart field demonstrate that intuition often lies here? Join this fascinating instruction and discussion of the science laid out by 20 years of inquiry by HeartMath Institute, and learn heart meditations that increase heart field and coherence.

Winter 202 Meditation Series: The Celtic Mystical Poetry of John O'Donahue        Donations taken for Penn Environment         4 Sundays in February and March, 3 to 4:30 PM                                                                                                                  

  • 2/9/20, 2/23/20, 3/8/20, 3/22/20

We will take the lovely metaphysical musings of celebrated Irish poet John O'Donahue as a jump-off point into meditations on the language of the soul, the deep threashold of nature, eternal time, the divine gift of forgiveness and where the visible and the invisible meet within. Come out and feel inspired by the by the beauty of the mystical path.

Equinox Meditation for Peace the 21st initiative Saturday March 21, 7-8PM  Donations taken for Amnesty International

Bringing peace to the planet with this world wide initiative. Come join as we activate our hearts with those from many other countires and cultures for balance and peace in our world.

Advanced Meditations for Energy Healers - A Day Retreat                                                                             $ 50
  • Saturday March 29, 2020, 10AM to 4PM, light vegetarian lunch provided

Learn a number of more advanced meditations to take you deeper into the subtle body and target the healing mechanisms of sacred geometry, the energetic use of light and imagery and the deeper vibrations of the chakras to enhance your ability as an light worker. The mystical traditions, as well as a number of celebrated psychic healers offer insight into the greater use of energy through focused meditations. Come out for a day of light and energy enhancing meditations that will leave you inspired and energized for greater healing possibilities.

Spring Detoxification 2020 Detoxing the Mind and Improving Memory with Nutrients and Practices

  • Saturday, April 4,  9:30AM  to 12PM

This year's spring detox is a for brain and mind. More particulars to come.


    Diversity in Meditation with 4 Local  Healers                                                                                   

  • Saturdays in april and may.....more to come


Learn how attention deficit (ADD and ADHD) begins and how to treat it naturally through diet, supplementation, internal cleansing, lifestyle, yoga and meditation. Find out about the long term, detrimental effects of stimulant medications on the brains of adults and children.

 New Yoga Therapy Classes for Teachers and Advanced Students

  • stay tuned!!

$10 per class

$60 for series, $25 per individual class 

$10 class



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