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LightOn Classes & Workshops

All classes & workshops take place at the Phoenixville location

498 Nutt Road, Suite B (2nd Floor above Pat’s Pizza) Phoenixville

Call Katie at 484-995-9262 or email to sign up for workshops

Weekly Introspect Yoga Classes - no prior registration needed  2022-3

  • Sundays    9:30 a.m. - 10:45 a.m.  - All levels
  • Wednesdays  9:30 a.m. - 10:45 a.m.  - All levels
  • Introspect Yoga acknowledges heightening awareness as the core intention of yoga, so enhancing awareness of breath, of balance: of body alignment for health and joint reserve, and of mind and unity, are integral to this form of yoga – a mixture of classic hatha intention, musculoskeletal re-education, balancing strength with flexibility and warming with cooling for a truly therapeutic experience. This form culminates in yoga nidra and meditation to increase awareness of mind, subtle body, creativity and studied calm. Please join us!

HeartMath Meditation Series                                                                                 donations taken for OXFAM

 Sunday Evenings 3:30-5:30PM 10/30/22, 11/6/22 and 11/13/22
The fascinating science of HeartMath has been published for more than 30 years showing that when the heart comes into coherence, so do all the systems of the body, greatly enhancing physical health> Mental health of the individual has further been demonstrated with these simple meditative techniques. Some of the most incredible research shows that when we reach a state of coherence, animals plants and other people around us are also enhanced! We will review the science and practice a different meditative technique in each class. Includes handouts.


Winter Solstice Meditation--A Celebration of Light on the Longest Night            

  • Wednesday Night, December 21, 7PM to 8PM 2022

Join concerned and compassionate  citizens the world over in bringing the light of peace into the world. Peace the 21st was started 

by researchers into the "Maharishi Effect" in which meditators have been shown to mitigate violence in scientific studies. Worldwide, people gather to meditate at 7PM on the Solstices and Equinoxes in order to create this energetic effect for world peace. Come out and join this planetary event. We will meditate collectively on love, light and healing the world toward peace and tolerance for all inhabitants

Tattva Shuddhi Meditation Series                                                        donations taken for OXFAM
Saturday mornings 10 to 11:30AM 1/14/23, 1/28/23, 2/11/23 and 2/25/23
This is a tantric purification technique that uses sound, mantra and yantra to purify the subtle body to prepare for higher states of consciousness. In the ancient right-hand tantra yogic path to greater awareness, Tattwa Shuddhi is considered a gateway practice without which higher states are difficult to attain. As each chakra aligns to an element, 'tattwa shuddhi' means purification of the elements. As we purify the inner vibratory sequences, access to the internal light grows exponentially, and the chakra energies begin to awaken in consciousness. This is an intermediate practice of 75 minutes, not intended for beginning meditators.
Book Review of Steven Greer's Second Book 'Hidden Truth Forbidden Knowledge' and CETI Meditation
Coming March 2023
LightOn Community Spiritual Group Returns!!                     Dedicated to Tolerance and a Loving Collective Consciousness                             In 2023 Times TBD                                                        

Here we seek to shelter the community heart by focus on the light of our connectedness, especially in light of social and cultural divisions so prominent in the last two years.  Group encourages sharing of prayers, meditations, poems, readings, dances or any other spiritual practices in celebration of spiritual pluralism. Often over last summer, we would dance to bring the energy back to earth. then end with pot luck to connect through sharing and conversation. OPEN TO ALL!!


$10 per class


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