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Functional Nutrition

Food, lifestyle and supplement plans are the key to full body wellness.  Plans are devised to treat disorders ranging from endometriosis to attention deficit, chronic fatigue and depression to IBS, diverticulitis and Crohn's disease.

Functional Nutrition uses food and supplements as healing mechanisms.  It brings homeostasis and therefore healing to the gut, brain, joints, lungs, kidney, liver, mind, skin ... you name it! I am constantly researching nutritional, mental, yoga and energy therapies and how they combine to enhance mind/body balance and healing. Using nutrition with mental, yoga and energy therapies combine to allow a truly holistic experience.

:Here is a list of my specialties

  • Leading you to optimal cellular health with focused nutrition

  • Treating digestive illness naturally and effectively at the level of cause

  • Treating mental imbalance with nutrients that enhance neurotransmitter pathways leading to greater feelings of wellbeing and improving cognitive performance and memory

  • Treating Addictions holistically with counseling, nutrition, yoga and lifestyle for better outcomes

  • Using orthomolecular medicine to treat syndromes and disease

  • Replacing psychotropic medications with safer nutraceuticals to balance and enhance neural pathways and improve mood.  *NOTE: It is unsafe to stop taking psychotropic medications suddenly as they are by and large highly addictive!  This requires titration and guidance.

  • Internal detoxification practices, strategies and reasoning

  • Organ reserve and healing

  • Mind/Body integrative therapies

  • Gemmotherapy (plant stem cell essences and homeopathic cell salts) for drainage, detoxification and regeneration
    on a cellular level

  • Herbal medicines

  • Using adaptogens for balance and homeostasis

  • Preventing cancer, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, weight gain and many other problems


Healing with nutritional interventions as a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals or allopathic treatments.  Nutritional services include protocols for many chronic ailments, many mental disorders, all manner of digestive disorders, weight loss and achievement of optimal health.



Sessions are $90 for 60 min.

Can include diet plans and/or supplement recommendations.

To schedule your first appointment, please click the Intake Form button below & then email to Schedule Appointment


Require a 24 hours notice of cancellations, otherwise an invoice will be generated for the cost of the session ($80.) A 2nd no show will not be rescheduled. Require payment or co-pay at time of session. Possible sliding scale for private clients if warranted by financial hardship.

"... I felt 10 years younger and no longer had any fear around eating any kind of food. I made some lifestyle changes around certain foods i found out i could no longer eat by eliminating them and introducing them back in my diet. “Katie's a miracle worker!”  .... see more testimonials

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